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Online Travel Agents (OTA) have become an integral part of hotel's online business strategy and the fact that managing the process of rate and inventory updates on OTA's and maintaining rate parity through their extranet is a diffcult process and there is no denying that these travel portals bring immense amount of business. The number of travel portals are increasing with each passing day. It is very important for a hotel to properly manage inventory, rate parity and to communicate with these OTA's on regular basis.

Regardless of the number of channels you are connected with, Fastrack Channel Manager effortlessly manages all the channels and your online bookings from one place. You can take advantage of the centralized rate and inventory distribution system, as its seamless connectivity and central access point that connects channel manager and OTA not only helps you save valuable time but also prevents revenue loss due to uncertain errors!

Additionally, the single point dashboard helps in avoiding rate disparity and enhances hotel’s online reputation by maintaining favourable relationship with various travel sites resulting in better online visibility of your properties.

Fastrack Booking online channel manager provides all-in-one solution to manage your hotel inventory efficiently and maximise your earning potential!!


Our OTA synchronizer instantly updates your hotel's rates and inventories on all connected channels including OTAs and online booking engine the moment any change is made to the booking chart.
Owing to the flawless two-way connectivity between Fastrack Channel Manager and various distribution sites get real-time updates of bookings and cancellations from multiple sales channels consolidated into a single user freindly interface that auto-manages inventory to avoid over bookings.
Real-time data sync ensures to update your hotel’s complete inventory in real time on all connected travel booking sites and hotel booking chart. As a result, complete hotel inventory is utilised without the fear of over booking.
As a hotelier you must be aware of guarenteed lowest price clause with OTA it is therefore mandatory to publish the same room rates across all the booking channels. Fastrack Channel Manager maintains the same rates on all channels by ensuring updation of any changes made in channel manager in real time.
User freindly interface for creating multiple rate plans based on seasonal demand with flexibility to manage rates of selected room types right down to the day of the week and easy interface for quick bulk rate and inventory updates across all channels.

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