Reservation Management Center

Fastrack Booking CRS is packed with powerful features, makes it easy for you to manage your reservations efficiently. It has inbuilt channel manager and online booking engine with single click updation of inventory, rates across the channels and your hotel website.

Designed and developed under the guidance of hospitality experts, the Central Reservation system can efficiently manage the queries, reservations, payments be it from Guests, Agents or Online Travel Agents regardless what type of property you manage. Time is of the essence in sales, and a good central reservation system not only saves your time but helps you complete the operations efficiently and increase productivity.

Be it a boutique hotel or a chain of hotels Fastrack Booking CRS is the ideal choice.

Operations Streamlined to Bring Maximum Efficiency

In sales the most fundamental information for every sales personal is available inventory and various rate plans. In Fastrack Booking CRS with one click it is at your finger tips with all the relevant details.
Handles all the reservation queries with guest by easily fetching all the reservation details accurately like guest name, check in and check out dates, room type, room rate, extra person and special request with payment details which helps you track and manage all the reservations at your property. The List Interface provides similar information in a list format and Report Interface as the name suggest offers a variety of reports frequently utilized by the hotel's sales and front office staff.
Fastrack Booking CRS gives you all the flexibility in managing diverse set of rate plans for your guest, corporate clients, group bookings and any other custom rate plan you wish to add. You can also offer special rate plans for long weekend or upcoming festival Holidays.
The comprehensive profile management tool gives you access to the information of your guests, agents and company for sales promotion purposes.
Automated confirmation email can also be sent for all confirmed bookings. Invoice with payment link can also be sent to guests and when the payment is made system confirms and send automated confirmation to the guest. Hard copy of vouchers can be printed by staff if required.
A powerful payment management system allows you to keep track of all the payments, booking wise or company wise, outstanding or paid backed with party ledgers and reports that can be exported in Excel.
If the guest cancelled their reservation or did not show up at all, don’t worry, a single click will take care of that booking and the system will automatically update inventory across the channels and your hotel website.
The booking process is as simple as it can get, the process flow has been designed keeping in mind the complexity of various booking types ensuring that you require minimum number of inputs.
The system allows you to book rooms by choosing a combination of room number and room type, leaving no room for error during booking process.
Convert leads into a qualified sale quickly using the Fastrack Pay Invoice.It's faster, safer and most convenient.You will send an invoice to your guest with pay now link valid for a specific time so that the rooms are not blocked for long. If the guest pays within the specific time period automated confirmation is sent to the guest without human intervention. Fastrack Pay Invoice is a proactive and professional way to get paid.

Front Desk Operations

The features for conducting front office operations have been developed after a lot of research about the complex requirement of the industry and by working closely with the industry experts. These features will help ease and speed-up your front office operations.

Guest services with a smile

This feature show in room chart that the guest has checked in.
You can allocate the room to the guests according to their standard preferences such as room type, view type, suite name.
If a guest has requested for a service you can post charges from here beforehand and posting of extra charges or any other miscellaneous charges is very simple and is added in the total amount. All of the charges in the system are accurately reflected in various reports, making it easier to track different charges and leaving no room for error.
Just a click will extend the stay of the guest.
If you have a chain of hotels and guest request you to shift him to another hotel within the chain. You can change or transfer the guest.
This feature keeps track of payment received and amount to be collected by guest, making it easier for front desk staff and leaving no room for error.
If guest checks out early than the room has to be marked as vacant and the revised inventory has to be updated in travel websites (OTA’s), hotel’s website and sales offices. This feature allows you to check out guest early and revised inventory is automatically updated across the board saving you revenue and time.
If the guest canceled their reservation or did not show up at all, don’t worry, a single click will take care of that booking and the system will automatically update inventory across the channels and your hotel website.

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